Why Psychiatric Drugs Are More Dangerous?

There are top shocking facts that one of the psychiatric pharmaceutical companies will explain the major side effects of psychiatric drugs on human health. These facts will highlight the devastating story behind psychiatric drugs and how they put adverse impact millions of people.

Psychiatric Pharmaceutical

1. There is no physical test that proves the existence of a “mental disorder”

There is no blood, chemical imbalance, or urine exam that can determine the mental disease or illness. Even X-rays or MRI scans cannot show that the person is suffering from mental disorder. This leads many to believe that healthy patients are at high risk of being diagnosed with such disorder even if they notice minor symptoms.

Such symptoms include stress and difficulty concentrating issues that can be also caused with routine stress.

2. More than 100 million people take psychiatric drugs across the globe

This is such a high number. We really need to figure out what is happening that so many of us feel the need of such medication.

3. The psychiatric industry’s value is $330 billion

The value is high and many people are at work to maintain the position and grow the number.

4. More number of suicides happening

23 vets and soldiers commit suicide in US every day. The most shocking thing is that this statistic exists even when people are consuming antidepressants. These suicides are often happening due to post-traumatic stress disorder with inability to manage with civilian life. For treatment, people consume more psychiatric drugs.

5. 17 million children are taking psychiatric drugs in the world

You just cannot ignore this thing that it has turn out a hazardous epidemic. Regulatory agencies in Australia, US, and Europe have warned people about the side effects of anti-depressants.

6. Manufacturers are labeling antidepressants with warning ‘

In 2004, The FDA finally asked manufacturers to put “black box” label on all their antidepressants to warn consumers that use of psychiatric drugs can increase suicide risk in adolescents and children. After two years, FDA increased the age to cover young adults up to 25 years of age.

While not every person will encounter the negative effects of psychiatric drugs, psychiatric pharmaceutical companies still expect not to ignore its side effects. In some cases, people should consider natural remedies for mood support as a viable option.

Are you or any of your family members is suffering from depression? Feel free to talk here with experts and share your problem.


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